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Online Blackjack Strategy - 6 Things to Know

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in online casinos. Yet, many players are unfamiliar with the game's standard rules and play tips. We present 6 online blackjack strategies that experts use. Check them out now!

Unlike other online casino games, blackjack requires more skills, known as blackjack strategies. Since skills truly matter, it is important to test some strategies and include them in your gameplay. However, the simple strategy to get in your mind before anything else is that blackjack is based on math and logic.

Even though a foolproof strategy at blackjack doesn’t exist, here are 6 strategies you can adopt to increase your chances of winning!


  1. Learn the basic blackjack strategy
  2. Manage your bankroll
  3. Pick a blackjack game with fewer deck cards
  4. Choose your blackjack variant
  5. Pick the right online casino
  6. Choose 3:2 over 6:5 Payout at Online Casinos


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Please bear in mind that there is no foolproof blackjack system. These strategies might give you an advantage, but there is also a lot of luck involved in playing blackjack.


online blackjack strategy

1. Learn the Basic Online Blackjack Strategy

Simply put, the basic blackjack strategy is the optimal way to play this online casino game. The basic strategy has been devised on statistics and math. It is a formula, which determines the best way to play any hand. Using the basic strategy reduces the house edge of the game and gives you a slight edge over the house.

The basic strategy teaches you how to manage your money and how to bet. Once you know everything about bankroll management, you can learn how you are supposed to wager your money. This means that once the dealer gives you the two initial cards, you need to know how to pick one of the following options:


  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double
  • Split
  • Surrender


Don’t make bets based on your gut feeling. Ensure you use the basic rules and decide on the exact amount of money you are willing to spend.


The basic blackjack strategy allows you to minimize your odds by 1% when you play every hand.


How to read the Blackjack Strategy Chart

The chart indicates the best move that you can make after the two cards are dealt. However, no matter what strategy you follow, you need to consider the dealer’s face card.

If you are a rookie, the basic strategy chart may seem confusing, but you will see that it is very simple to use once you understand what each option means.


  • Hit means that you should take an additional card
  • Stand means that you should not take more cards
  • Double means to double down your wager.
  • Split means that you need to create two hands from one pair. It also doubles your wager.
  • The letter H” in the chart stands for a hard hand. A “hard” hand doesn’t have an ace valued at 11.
  • The letter S” is a soft hand. A “soft” hand contains an ace counted as 11


Let’s see how you would put this chart into use. If you have a 5 and an 8, and the dealer shows a 7. What should you do?

5+ 8 = 13, so you should look for H13 in the chart. Then, move across to find the spot where the dealer has a 7 and see what it says that you should do. In this case, it is Hit.


The basic strategy doesn’t have anything to do with card counting or other tricks that advanced players use. This is a simple logical guideline that shows you how to play every possible hand.


Online Blackjack Calculator

Apart from the basic chart that you need to use, there is a blackjack strategy calculator to make playing online blackjack a piece of cake. Just like the chart, it will give you the best option for your next move. It is fast, convenient and more straightforward than looking at the chart.


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2. Manage your Online Blackjack Bankroll

This is mostly common sense and not an online blackjack trick that you should use. You must know how much you can afford to bet. You should consider how much you can afford to lose in one session and how much you hope to win.

If you have €100 to spend on gambling, don’t bet €30 a hand. You will likely lose that money fast. But, if you bet €1 per hand, you can spare yourself from losing and risking your real money.


Build on your bankroll, then raise your stakes!

Starting from the lowest bet and increasing it slowly only after you win a hand is a smart, conservative approach to playing blackjack.  Something that you should also do is to go back to your original bet if you lose a hand.


Go back to the original bet if you lose a hand!

This betting system is also known as the Oscar betting system. The main goal of it is to win at least a chip. The basic rule to win by using this system is to increase your bet by one chip whenever you win a hand. Another one is to withdraw your winnings that you have made in the session and start all over.


Withdraw your winnings and start over.

The most significant advantage of this online betting blackjack strategy is that it limits your losses by risking only your money that you initially wagered. With the Oscar betting system, you will be able to recover your losses by a number of few wins in a row.


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3. Pick a Blackjack Game with Fewer Card Decks

First of all, it is essential to learn about the number of cards that online casinos use because it is easier to keep track of the cards that have been played. Most online casinos use an RNG, which shuffles cards after each hand, making it very hard to track them. Even though it is nearly impossible to count cards online, remember which cards were dealt with will improve your winning chances.

Also, the number of decks can reduce the house age to below one percent. If you are not familiar with the term “house edge,” it is a percentage of what players will lose over time when playing the game.

The house edge of standard blackjack is at 0.5% when played using the basic online blackjack strategy. One criterion that changes the house edge is the number of used decks.


Single deck + 0.02% player advantage

Double deck -0.31%% player advantage

Four decks – 0.48% player advantage

Six decks – -0.54% player advantage


Even though the difference is slight, generally speaking, the fewer card decks, the better the winning possibilities. The most common blackjack variants at online casinos are the fur and six decks. However, some sites will also offer single deck blackjack.


The number of card decks affects the house advantage.


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4. Choose your Online Blackjack Variant

If you want to play Blackjack online, you need to know that not all blackjack games are the same. Most blackjack variants will have different rules, so applying the same strategies won’t work. When browsing for casino games to play, you might come across games like European Blackjack, American Blackjack, Live Blackjack Pontoon or Spanish 21. 

There is a twist to each of them, which might change the game. Thus, you need to change your strategy as well. Before you dive into playing the blackjack variant, the first thing to do is learn what makes them different. Then, you will decide if it is worth playing or if it’s tailored to your needs.


5. Pick the Right Online Casino to play Blackjack

None of the mentioned tips and tricks will matter if you choose an unreliable online casino. There are many scammers online, and some online casinos are not even verified. Since you don’t want to lose money quickly, you should know how to choose the right online casino to play blackjack online. Look for casinos with top-notch games, live dealer blackjack options, fantastic welcome bonus and other promotions to get the most out of your online gaming experience.

You should avoid casino sites that scam you via rigged casino games, ultimately leading to frustration. Also, when you play at online casinos licensed and regulated, you can rest assured that your winnings will be paid out.


Luckily, Jackie Jackpot Casino is a regulated and safe online casino that offers excellent online blackjack variants


Some of the popular variants that you can play here are:

  • Blackjack Single Hand
  • Blackjack Double Exposure
  • European Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Blackjack Multihand


Jackie Jackpot casino will reward you with a generous welcome bonus with free spins and convenient wagering requirements. When you are ready to play, choose from the collection of blackjack games.


You should always be ready to walk away from a blackjack table if circumstances require you to do so. If you happen to seize some winnings then walk away and enjoy your winnings.


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6. Choose 3:2 over 6:5 Payout at Online Casinos

Make sure you read the payout table before you wager your real money. You should choose blackjack games with the usual 3:2 payout over the 6:5 that some online casinos offer. If you are not sure what is the difference, we will explain it to you.

If you have a winning hand, you get paid 3 euros for every 2 that you wager, or 1.5:1 odds. In 6:5, you get paid 6 euros for every 5 you wager, or 1.2:1 odds. This can make a massive difference in the outcome of the game.


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Practice Playing Blackjack Online

Many casino sites nowadays offer casino games that you can try for free. While that is primarily true for slot machines, you can also test some table games since they would provide you with free spins.

Testing blackjack online can give you a massive advantage because you can practice your strategies and improve your skills. This is very important because they don’t apply to every blackjack variant.

What is more, you can even practice live blackjack games, which means that there will be no surprises when you join the live blackjack table.


Some rules to have in mind when playing live blackjack are:


  • you can’t split Aces
  • you can double any card
  • there is no surrender
  • dealer stands on soft 17
  • blackjack pays 3:2
  • the total of decks of cards is 8



Jackpot Casino Games

Live Blackjack Games at Online Casinos

Live dealer blackjack games are exhilarating, especially for players looking for the thrill of the land-based casinos from the comfort of their own homes. The casino dealers direct the actions, and they will shuffle the cards using a random automatic shuffler. You can wager with real money and make bets in a standard way.

The online blackjack strategy for live blackjack games is pretty much the same as virtual blackjack games. Here are some things to have in mind:


  • Choose the right game – Just like with the virtual online blackjack games, you need to look for the number of decks, which can change the house edge.
  • Good Bankroll Management is essential when playing live dealer blackjack
  • Keep your basic blackjack strategy cheat sheet next to you. Yes, the basic strategy works with playing live blackjack
  • Card counting is tough when playing live blackjack games, though some say that is not impossible


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A Few Beginner Blackjack Tricks to Remember

We encourage you to remember the basic rules of playing blackjack online. Also, we would like you to read the following tricks to get better at the game:


  • Memorize that cards to help you in the long run
  • Always hit a “soft 17”
  • Always stand a “hard 17”
  • Double down on an 11
  • Hit a hand between 12 and 16 when the dealer card is 7 or more.
  • Don’t spend money on “insurance.” The insurance bet confuses beginners. It is an extra wager on whether the dealer has a 10-value card. This bet is not supported by math, and therefore we suggest you never take it.
  • Split 10s when faced with a dealer face-up card of 5 or 6
  • Choose 3:2 over 6:5 payout
  • Never take the blackjack insurance bet


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Play the best blackjack games at Jackie Jackpot Casino

Jackie Jackpot offers you great table games to play online, including some popular blackjack variants.

Most of the options can be played live, though we must say that the Live Casino lobby is abundant in choices to play. Some of the most popular titles to play are:


  • Classic Blackjack
  • Blackjack Single Hand
  • Blackjack Multi-hand
  • Speed Blackjack

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Responsible Gaming

At Jackie Jackpot Casino we want you to enjoy the casino games and have fun playing. That is why we take Responsible Gaming seriously and encourage our players to play responsibly. Online blackjack is engaging and oftentimes rewarding. However, if you don’t play responsibly, you can make poor decisions. That is why we want to emphasize that it is very important to maintain a responsible gambling habit when playing online blackjack since there are some skills involved in the gameplay.

Only gamble with a disposable amount of money, and never be deluded that you have a system of strategies that will always work. While these strategies and tips might give you an advantage, there is still a lot of luck involved when playing blackjack. Mind you that the odds usually favour the house. Know your limits, and stay in control. If you sense you might have a problem there is always an option to contact Gamcare for help.


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Can I consult my online blackjack strategy chart while playing?

Yes. That is the advantage when playing online. If you play virtual blackjack, there is no one watching you. This will especially come in handy if you are a beginner. Even if you play live online blackjack, you have the option to turn off your camera.

What is the best strategy for playing blackjack online?

The best strategy is to follow the charts. It is based on logic and statistics, so you will know which move should be your next.

Can you win by using the basic blackjack strategy?

You are more likely to win using this strategy. However, you should also manage your bankroll to stay longer in the game.

Can I always win at online blackjack?

There is no foolproof strategy to always win. Even if you are an expert player, who has perfected card counting and perfect plays, there is a chance that you will get the wrong card.

Can I use the blackjack strategy calculator when playing at the blackjack table?

If you are playing online blackjack, the advantage is that you can use the blackjack chart and calculator because nobody is watching you.

What is an online blackjack cheat sheet?

The blackjack cheat sheet is a chart that shows what your next move should be based on logic and statistics. The chart shows every possible move, so it will help you win or stay in the game longer.

Should I memorize the basic blackjack strategy?

The more you play, the less you will need to consult the chart. It is crucial to memorize the differences between blackjack variants.

Can I profit from the basic blackjack strategy?

Yes, you can benefit from the basic strategy.

Can I play UK online blackjack?

Yes, you can play online blackjack if you are from the UK at Jackie Jackpot Casino.

What are the best online blackjack sites in the UK?

There are plenty of online casinos available.  However, if you don’t want to spend time searching, you can visit Jackie Jackpot online casino to play blackjack. We offer a generous bonus with free spins and a rewarding loyalty club.